Know your competitors part 2

In the previous post, we looked at some reasons to understand how your competitors are working in your market.  this time, we will consider some specific questions you should be asking about your competition. What product or service are they offering which competes with your offering? Do they have a different of better way of addressing the needs… Read More »

Know your competitors part 1

The previous post discussed the need to know more about your ideal customer.  In this, and the following post, we will look at another key area for research – your competitors. Most businesses fail to take any action over understanding the competition in their market area.  Do you know the companies that are your main competitors?  How long… Read More »

Who are your customers?

Too many companies fail to expand simply because they do not know the profile of their ideal customer.  It is very easy for a start-up to build the company around a few customers they use to launch the business, without really understanding the wider market. There are two key drivers to a successful sale and a happy customer.  Te… Read More »